10 Milwaukeeans You Should Have In Your Network!

is home to over 500,000 people!

It was easy to find 10 reputable names to vouch for! Since 2014 we’ve done business and interacted with a plethora of Milwaukeeans! Here’s our official Network of 10 Milwaukeeans you should know! 

Davis is one of the easiest people to work with! He’s professional, flexible, humble, and overall very willing to help you in any way he can! Davis is a very reputable photographer that we would recommend to anyone. He’s also very cost efficient! DONN3 was sponsored by Davis and his Midwest Finesse Mag! As you can see, he’s very innovative, creative, and expressive! 

Contact Antoine Davis

Tee is one of many Lash Techs in Milwaukee, WI! What separates her is her unmatched work ethic and vibrant personality! Balancing school, work, and a personal life can be tedious and difficult but Tee is someone you can count on to get it done! Timely and credible Tee is what we call “Booked & Blessed”! Tee also offers lashes and one on one consultations to help others develop their skills and techniques.

Contact Lash Tee

Schiller’s resume is stacked! We love to use him for our photography, marketing, and graphic designs needs! Schiller has a meticulous eye for fashion and digital design! He always provides great work and will not stop until everyone that is working with him is satisfied. He’s always very reasonable and works well with others! His Milwaukee origins have carried him well to greater destinations but he never fails to work with and for his city.

Contact Russell Schiller

Crosley stands out for her positive influence, professionalism, and ambition!  She is a multi faceted gem specializing in motivational speaking, writing, and event hosting! Crosley’s abilities don’t stop there, she’s an entrepreneur with a vision and a voice! Crosley will never hesitate to share knowledge or help someone along the way! She’s good at what she does, and remains passionate throughout her endeavors.

Contact Steph Crosley

Chad is a guy everyone should know! He’s a trendsetter and an innovative soul with the eye for authenticity and trends. Chad is a master of supply and demand and nobody is better than him at the resell of highly favored items! Trusted Gallery is packed with items you can’t find anywhere locally and Chad has the method to the madness! He also never fails to plug anyone who deals with him! He shows love consistently and always puts people in a position to win!

Contact Trusted Chad

Stone is an advocate for her community, her friends, and her artists! She is always diving head first into controversial issues and societal norms that conflict us daily. She always seeks to obtain more information and knowledge and share it with those around her. Stone is very persistent and passionate about her work and human rights in general. She can always be found getting the scoop and resolving the bigger problem!

Contact Nyesha Stone

Keller is a one man army. He has been selling independence since we met him. His Brand “What Do You Need A Gym For” encourages people to get active without needing anything extra besides your body and determination! Keller is a very passionate person with a work ethic worth gold! Keller is very personable and will make any one feel comfortable completing their goals. Keller is a coach and a teacher! He takes the youth serious and gives back in many aspects!

Contact Sam Keller Jr.

Mia is a pleasant soul that allows her good vibes to fuel her endeavors. She is always ready to work and snaps right into mode! She’s more than meets the eye as dance, fashion, and modeling come together full circle! Mia’s humble heart will carry her far as she will be someone everyone should know! Her shoots are always intense, professional, and moving! Mia never fails to provide a multitude to choose from as she keeps the energy and look consistent throughout her work. She’s always fun and easy to work with and will give anyone exactly what they’re looking for!

Contact Mia The Model

Reid has been consistent with the community for as long as we can remember. From Mission10/11 to Studio 2035 Reid has always had vision, voice, and determination. He can’t really be categorized as he dips his hand in just about everything. Reid is also highly professional. He tries to compensate everyone and make sure that the bigger picture is clear for all parties. Milwaukee will definitely remember Reid and everything he touches. Reid is the glue to a lot of pieces in the city.

Contact Maine Reid

Ellis has a love for the arts that is admirable. She is a jack of all trades and she never fails to find a way to contribute. Ellis has journalism, event hosting, fashion, and more under her belt. She has been a pivotal piece to the successes of our events and marketing and she always provides logical thinking, unbiased opinions, and critical analysis! She is highly knowledgeable in the history of music, arts, and entertainment! Ellis is a great team player and will bring something to any table she sits at.

Contact Radaya Ellis

Networking is an essential part of success and longevity. Please feel free to contact any of these people and connect.

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