5 Milwaukee Faces That UTILIZED TIME in 2017 Passion, Persistence & Progression

Nyesha Stone

A passionate journalist invested in the betterment of community. 

Journalism isn’t easy! Without the innovative, curious, and analytical minds of the journalist around us…media would have no extensive breakdown or movement. The articles we see fuel our thoughts, perceptions, and opinions! Nyesha Stone makes sure to include her community in everything she does. She often asks her peers what is most important to them. This makes for great journalism because she knows the goal of a good journalist is to provide information ethically and humanely.

Follow her work @  Carvd N Stone


Big Waun

A hardworking leader pursuing goals and dreams while standing for health and development.

Working out is something that should be in all of our 2018 Goals! Ke’Waun Smith showed the people around him that it’s never too late! Ke’Waun takes pride in the phrase, “Health is Wealth”. When you look good, you feel good! BIG Waun transformed into SLIM Waun in a matter of 3 months! His regiment included working out a minimum of one hour in the gym DAILY, along with drinking a gallon of water DAILY! He also meal preps weekly.

Trusted Rico

An entrepreneurial mogul changing the city of Milwaukee, while  paving a new way and perspective for his community.

Rico is your friendly neighborhood Mogul! Starting off in his living room wrapping shoes by himself, he’s managed to build a 6 Figure Payroll employing youth from all around the city while providing affordable steeze for any and everyone! Trusted Kicks is exactly what it says, I’ve always walked in and out of this store satisfied with the deals and quality! The store is comfortable, structured, and full of opportunity! If you haven’t grabbed a pair of kicks take your business down to Water street and holla at the Trusted Team!

Visit Trusted Kicks

532 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

(414) 349-9590

Kavana Price

A resourceful public figure of business and scholarship specializing in customer service and innovation.

Kavana Price is a lady about her business and her bread! She recently took a booming market by storm with her Hair 3xtravaganza. The online deal included 3 sets of bundles (“12, 14, 16”, “14, 16,  18”, Or “16, 18, 20” in different colors for $99. She even offered coupons bringing her customer’s cart total to a miniscule amount of $84. Innovation and Friendly Pricing like this will carry her to the top in all aspects!

To Utilize your resources and deals shop Annointed Array!

Follow on IG @ Anointed.Array

SuperDope Q

A celebrity fashion designer and stylist specializing in marketing, music, and entertainment.

SuperDope Q has his own closet of collectibles, pretty much exclusively found in his store! He’s ahead of the time in the fashion industry, and besides…who doesn’t want to shop with a celebrity stylist? The Super Dope Closet features the latest threads and great vibes and scenery for style! He doesn’t stop at fashion. He’s also been F*ckin up the clubs with his latest single Ft. Big Dreco – “Bounce It

Bounce It Ft. Big Dreco

Follow on IG @ ShopSDC


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