A young aspiring film director hopes to break the internet with short film, “Solace”

This is interesting. DopeOrNope has never covered film but this is definitely talent so we’re happy to exploit it!

Tyler Pelzek is 16 with much ambition. He’s branched out and filmed the Summer Sail 2015 as well as worked with a number of local musicians such as WebsterX and big Milwaukee brands such as “Milwaukee Home” (clothing company). He recently had a short film (called “A Work in Progress – The Painter”) screen in the 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival.
Solace is set to release October 28th via youtube TNPFilms  This short film tells the story of a young inhibited poet who tries to understand his own condition through the lens of culture as well as his own writing. What he finds is a shallow world, set on searching for solace. Accompanying poetry written by Clarence Corbett-Soza, is a beautiful soundtrack featuring cellist Ben Boehm, pianist Elissa Koppel and producer Francis “Vertical” Harper. Directed and shot by up and coming filmmaker Tyler Pelzek, “Solace” puts an experimental twist on traditional film making with its unorthodox use of lighting, color and cinematography. Milwaukee, Wisconsin truly becomes the stage for this touching and equally shocking film. Solace is a must see for lovers of film and art everywhere.
Tyler Pelzek saysI’ll be dropping what I hope to be one of the most important films to come out of Milwaukee. It’s going to controversial, it’s going to be visually surreal, and it’s going to be audibly mind-blowing.Tyler Pelzek says


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