Dopeornope.net was established June of 2014 in Milwaukee, WI. Since then, it has accumulated supporters, reputation, and legitimacy through statistics, events, and LLC paperwork. The mission is to give underground talent somewhere to market themselves without high prices and ulterior motives. Our goal is to focus on the progression and productivity of talented people.

The brand TwentyFour(24) was developed to serve as a constant reminder to athletes, entrepreneurs, scholars and anyone with a goal to UTILIZE TIME and use all of the 24 hours God gave us. We should not complain and ask for more time. Procrastination and poor work ethic has stopped many people from reaching their dreams. DopeOrNope, LLC and TwentyFour want to see success and progression for the youth through time management and hard work. Let’s promote passion, persistence, and progression with TwentyFour and DopeOrNope, LLC.


Is this Dope or Nope?
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