Juice WRLD Says Hello With “Goodbye & Good Riddance Our Top 3 Songs From The Project

Juice WRLD sets the bar high with his debut album “Goodbye& Good Riddance”. The album from the Calumet, Illinois born artist takes a dive deep into Higgins’ heart and life at a particular stage in his life. Juice was feeling doubtful, depressed, and betrayed in the midst of this album. Goodbye & Good Riddance is filled with melodic emotion that paints a vivid picture of Higgins’ worst nightmares and pains. 

GB&GR is jam-packed with 15 quality pieces but we’ve narrowed our favorite down to three. We did not include Lucid Dreams, although it’s a great song and one of the best on the project it would’ve been too cliche.

All Girls Are The Same

All Girls Are The Same, produced by Nick Mira, literally has the perfect placement on this album. Coming in as the first song after the intro, it really sets the bar for Juice’s creativity and content. We immediately get the bias and conflict at hand for the entire project. This song is catchy,well put together, and melodic.

I’m Still

We knew Juice could sing but I’m still puts us in a euphoric state of mind between the guitar and the long vocal runs. Juice really gives us a Post Malone type of wave on this project. The song depicts the facts that although the girl did everything to break Juice he’s still prospering, flexing, and maintaining…even with a broken heart.

Long Gone

We almost chose “Scared of Love” but Long Gone won us over. The bass line is outrageous on this track! Cardo Got Wings got in his bag with this one. Juice rides the beat so well it’s hard not to vibe. The bridges in this track also provide such a vibe that it slides you right into the catchy hook! This track is so smooth and catchy it does a lot for the album and Juice’s portfolio.

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