Kendrick Lamar Gives Us Game With Power Scene

Kendrick Lamar’s debut scene to the show Power left many in shock! We know Kendrick for being animated and sharp on his music projects, but I’m not sure if everyone expected him to deliver as well on the big screen. In a recent interview with Courtney Kemp, Lamar expresses his interest in Power and how he has always had his heart on role. When 50 Cent advocated for his interest, Kendrick was able to communicate the fact he desired to play a drug abuser. He stated that this character hits home for him as he grew to love the junkies in his hometown.

In this scene, Lamar meets Kanan (50 Cent) and they small talk a bit but find no common interest until Lamar mentions Spanish. They go along robbing and killing Italians until Kanan has had enough. Lamar’s facial expressions are priceless and really add to his role.

This is my favorite bit by Kendrick. The way he switches his mood and tone is quite nice. It was a great ending to Lamar’s debut.

The free game came from Kendrick in this scene. Kendrick tells the Spanish that we are all united and the same. Spanish, Blacks, and Natives are all one in the same. We are all brothers divided by nation and tongue. Confusing the language, confuses the culture. But once again, we are all united under the messiah. I thought that this was a great scene from Kendrick Lamar and we love him for it.

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