Lowkey by King Bravo! Dope or Nope?


  • The cover art is very creative
  • I like how this remake has nothing to do with the original song
  • very distinct voice

King Bravo did his thing on this particular record! It’s always great to use a beat that everyone is familiar with, it brings more fans in. He had a great delivery and bars throughout also.


  • The song kind of drags on a little
  • Keeps the same flow for too long on certain parts of the song
  • Needs to be more to keep people’s attention

This overall was a great record. There are just minor things that can be better in my opinion. I would defiantly listen to it a lot because this beat is amazing! What do you guys think?

Is this Dope or Nope?
  • Dope 
  • Nope 

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