Meet Mike Holston! An Exotic Animal Specialist, The Real Tarzann

When’s the last time you were face to face with a jaguar in a pool? Mike Holston spends his days exploring the world and meeting all types of new animals! The exotic animal specialist caught our eye with his daily informative posts on the most intriguing animals. Holston has been labeled the next Steve Irwin and we honestly can’t put it past him. He always shows great compassion, regard, and respect for the animals he’s encountering.  

What’s most remarkable about Holston is his energy and calm composure all the way around. Holston can make anyone feel comfortable around what they may have considered a wild beast initially! His feeds are very interesting and never fail to inform! Like we should all try to do, Mike has revolved his world around his passion which keeps him happy, energetic, and exploring! Check out his latest content below!


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