Meet Coach Taelor B The Major Motivator A conversation with California's Coach Taelor B

Who is Taelor Breaux? Before 2018 we didn’t have a clue, fortunately we tapped in last year! As we get deeper into 2019, I want everyone to know the name! Better yet, call her Coach Taelor B…The Major Motivator!

She’s established herself as a lifetime Motivator, Entrepreneur, Sports Physical/Massage Therapist, Health & Life Coach, and Herbalife Coach! She also does vlogging! Taelor B is one of the most positive and pure personalities online.

Coach Taelor B On Youtube

I decided to follow her for a while and observe what she had going on. All 2018 she was pushing herself and the people around her to focus, stay consistent, and invest in your health & wealth! In 2019 I landed an elaborate conversation with the motivator. She was very welcoming and insightful. A few months before the convo, I purchased one of her meal plans and saw significant gains in my health. I felt less sluggish, more alert, and overall lighter. She even tweaked her plan to suit my desired gains. She’s pretty knowledgeable at many things and never hesitates to help! What makes her different is she checks up on her people months after the work which really uplifts you and makes you feel special! I’d recommend everyone to her from a complete lifestyle change to merely daily motivation!

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