Meet Coach Taelor B The Major Motivator A conversation with California's Coach Taelor B

    Hello Taelor, 

You’re resilience and passion is what caught my interest. I want to inform people on your growth and spread the positivity you exert. For the people who have no clue who Taelor is please tell us a bit?
I’m known for being a coach, but a Motivator as well, just turned 24 on Christmas Day 2018, I’m a physical therapist, Trainer, Life Coach, a coach with Herbalife and much more etc. And my Mindset, How I view things in life. I do a little modeling not as much as I did before, and a little acting as well. 
That’s great, you have a lot going for yourself. What’s the highlight of your work?
Everything! All of my work plays a part of helping and uplifting others to become a greater them! That’s my purpose!
I notice your social media is filled with your health and fitness progress. I see people love your growth and work! How would you define your body?
I don’t really get into detail about myself, if I can describe it it’ll be Slight.
When did you become aware of your body? What cause you to want to change and how did you go about your change?
 I’ve always had problems with my body half of my life. I soon wanted to make a change when I first went off to college, I didn’t want to get out of shape. Although I was and didn’t know it. So I started making changes and soon after that, I discovered Herbalife!
That’s interesting. Especially seeing how you made the time in college! What would you say is the most valuable thing about being healthy? How does it change your life for the better besides physical appearance?
I think the most valuable thing with being healthy, is having a healthy mindset as well. It isn’t just about physical appearance. We need our minds to be on point too. A lot of people bypass that, when it’s actually the most important aspect. With out mindsets, having the confidence plays a big role in this field and is apart of our mindsets.
Exactly, like I mentioned I definitely felt more alert and on point after taking your advice! It’s easier said than done but it’s essential. In your opinion, what’s the hardest thing about being healthy?
One of the hardest things about being healthy, is staying balanced! And what I mean by that is with our eating, what we consume…not missing meals, fighting through the urges on those days etc. It gets hectic but that’s when discipline comes in and consistency!
Yes that’s definitely facts. It takes a strong person to have that self control 24/7! Any tips to the public or one thing you want people to take from you?
Biggest tip is…if you want to make changes within yourself, never second guess it. It’s you, take care of you. Don’t wait or hesitate. Just do it! The outcome will always be worth it. 
Great advice Taelor! Thanks for talking to me, you gave me a bit about yourself and like always a bunch of motivation! I cant wait to get this to the people! Thanks again!


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