Milwaukee’s SwauveG drops a wake up call: Blood On The Roots


SwauveG is a 19 year old artist reigning from Milwaukee, WI. He’s been making music since 7th grade and has always talked about things no one else would say. This song is pretty controversial and features some social issues such as black self hatred, tokenism, and the differentiation between being black, being African, and being a “nigga”. Is that even possible? The artist says, “I made this track in one night. I stayed up to 4AM after grabbing the beat produced by Jerrod Hinton. It may not be perfect but I’m not changing it. I want to keep it genuine. I will say there will be an extended version on my final complete project.”

Jerrod Hinton went crazy on this beat. He featured the same sample Kanye used for Blood on The Leaves. Also there’s two covers for this single. Two were made after the artist tweeted he needed a cover for his single.

SwauveG – Blood on the Roots (Prod. Jerrod Hinton)

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