Mo City’s Method to the Madness A Look Into Mo City's Control

Mo’City has continued to control his presence for a while now! His song “In Control” is a little over a year old but it recently resurfaced and gave Mo a bit of bang to his buzz! Some people wondered why they ever slept on the spitta and he’s about to wake the rest with his newest projects of 2019! He caught our eye with his Oochie Wally Freestyle which took place at Hi-Five studios in Milwaukee, WI. What we like about Mo is his unique voice and relentless flow! He’s rough around the edges with the perfect balance of charims. We got a chance to chop it up with Mo a bit and he let us in on the method behind the madness!

What’s up Mo, can I chop with you for a bit?

Yeah fasho Brodie, wassup?

Well, we’ve been tapped into you every since Pope introduced us to your freestyle at HiFive! From there we gained an interest, and I just want to get some insight on you and your music! When did you even get into music?

No doubt Brodie! I’ve been rapping all my life. I wanted to make music like him but I was hooping! When he got killed I dropped out and got into music,  it was my way of staying close to him. 

I’m sorry to hear that about your father but also glad you found music as your muse. I think things like this is what make artists appreciate an artist more, knowing they’re human and go things just like everyone else. 

Yeah man I agree it definitely made me the man I am today he showed me how a man should conduct himself and how to be a father.

Respected. How’d you get your name?

My name was given to me by my family at one of my games. It’s just a shorter way of saying “Domo” and they added the city part and it stuck.

Dope! What artists you tapping into from the city?

Well first my right hand man Cz, he been with me from the jump. The whole Shuttlesworth Camp, but outside of that would be SGod them my homies over there. Grey Genius, Tajh Virgil, Shun Millions, Mudy, and many more! I literally listen to almost everybody in Milwaukee.

That’s what’s up when you show love, you get love! You definitely got a list of heavy-hitters from the city! Well I want to wrap it up with  one thing people wouldn’t know about you?

Well I’ve just started some meditation methods and I’m my overall biggest critic!

As you should be. Thanks a lot Mo we’re Tapped In!

No doubt Brodie, thank you!

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