My First Time At An MKExpanded Event! Initial Thoughts and Reviews on the Event at the Cactus Club

Before the 2018 year came to a close, I got a chance to check out a very dope event powered by the #MKExpanded team at the Cactus Club. It was my first time at the Cactus Club and witnessing an event by MKExpanded. SGod Jayy (Jayy McFarling), A Sit With Britt (Brittani Cook), Miss Mocha Music (Mocha Harris), Justin Gordon, and Tyree Pope came together to provide some great vibes. With Jayy on the mic and crowd control, Britt on artists and interviews, and Pope and Gordon on media there was no way they couldn’t have all bases covered. These creatives make a great team and they are really providing something solid, fun, and beneficial for MKE and the local industry.

A Sit With Britt     SGod Jayy     Mocha Music

Like many other profound movements in Milwaukee, the Expanded team is shifting the culture! How many times do we come to a turnup and see artists take the stage against an inattentive or lame crowd. For this showcase everybody knew what was going on and what we were about to witness. The crowd really came to enjoy some good music and gave the artists a lot to work with. This is the vibe we’ve been yearning for in the city for so long on a surface level. Everyone stayed until the last artist took the stage, and even then some people stayed after showtime to catch some additional vibes from Dj Alpine. MKExpanded did an amazing job showcasing talent while giving us the vibes!

The Media & Production Team Was Insane and Fully Loaded

MKExpanded chose some heavy hitters for their production. Having Pope, Gordon, and Flavors all  in one building gave the event an extravaganza mood, with flashing light everywhere! What I love about each guy is their willingness to get the right shot or footage no matter what it takes. All three of them put it all on the line for their craft.  The Milwaukee culture has truly strengthened with these guys on the scene.

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