Our Top 3 Songs From MT Twins!

The city of Milwaukee, WI has been taken by storm by two twins of a kind! The singing, rapping, dancing AND hooping duo is something to keep your eyes on. I probably missed a few of their talents but nonetheless, these guys got it down. This year they really solidified their spot, their sound, and their vision. They’ve matured from the high school hoopers we knew them as to business men with serious talent on their hand. Their branding and presentation has been taken to a new level and the top is closer than they think.

From so many gems to pick from, we narrowed our favorite songs from them into three hits!

The most recent, “My N!gga” displays the ability of the twins to stay on top of the beat and provide a melody and flow that’s unmatched. This beat is something serious and their concept does it for them!

I loved the content of this song, and the video adds to the mood even more. Their transitions on this song make it one worth listening.

On another note and another vibe, this song is also a banger! The smoother side of the two doesn’t disappoint and I think it’s their signature sound. They never fail to show some versality just when people think they’ve got it all figured out.

Make sure to check out the extended interview from No Plays Missed, TwentyFour & MT Twins below!



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