Russell Schiller: Living in Milwaukee, Black Women & Being Labeled Racist

Over the weekend as I was scrolling through Twitter and Facebook and I kept seeing the name “Russell” everywhere. “The Russell guy isn’t racist, I know him”, “What they on with my n*gga Russel?” 

I know a few people named “Russell” so when I noticed the hype was over racist remarks I paid no attention to the articles, statuses, and tweets being made. Websites such as,, wrote articles painting this young man as a racist because of his usage of the “N” word.  I’ve never known a racist Russell. I do know a quite reputable guy named Russell though. He’s been a business associate that has always been professional, positive, and genuine. I instantly observed Russell’s admiration of Black culture and black people. Let’s find out a little more about Schiller.

Russell Schiller

20 Years old.

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


3.14 Cumulative GPA.

Majors in Advertising with a minor in Business.

Attends Howard University.

I got a chance to catch up with Russell and here are the answers that stuck with us the most.

I understand that your social media attention first originated from something positive. You began receiving some feedback on your hashtag, #BlackWomenAreGorgeous. Why was it created?

Yes, the hashtag #BlackWomenAreGorgeous was something that I had been thinking of since my freshman year. I was continuously doing work for other people and portraying other’s visions. This can become tiring when working on a craft or art form. I was looking to start a project that would better portray my artistic eye and aesthetic passions. I just felt with an ever growing admiration for black woman since a young age that i could finally show my appreciation through my art.

Can you explain the intentions behind your usage of the “N” word?

I had no true intent when writing the tweets I did. I can say during that time frame in Milwaukee attending Morse-Marshall High School, within my surroundings this was how we communicated.
How was it living in Milwaukee and what brought you to Howard?
Living in Milwaukee was a difficult thing to do. You’re in a city where no matter how hard you work or how much effort you put into your passion there will always be a large chance you will not make it out of the city. I have watched many of my closest friends have to go on to community college or not take full advantage of opportunity outside of the city simply because nobody gave them the resources to help them get out. When I took an East Coast college tour my freshman year of high school I toured many great schools. NYU, Georgetown, Ohio Northern etc. None of these schools sparked my interest because none of them had a comfortable environment. When we got to Howard I had no clue HBCU’s existed or what it was. After learning much history and the legacy throughout the tour I honestly felt at home on campus. I fell in love and it became my goal to attend Howard. After originally denying me based on low ACT scores (which is common back home) I retook the test and was able to attend my dream school.
Short term and long term goal?
One of my short term goals is to go back home to Milwaukee and create a documentary. There is many issues within that north side that is swept under the rug due to not much coverage and support being presented within the midwest. I personally know people who have lost their life due to a lack of opportunity and simply getting caught up in the streets. If I can come back and show them that it is possible to make it out hopefully I can influence people to try harder.
A long term goal of mine is to take my art and finally progress it. Become more professional with my business and really strive to become an independent creator.

Despite rumors and allegations, what’s one thing you want strangers to know about you?

The only thing I would want people to honestly know or at least understand is that I’ve never been a racist. Looking beyond these tweets and diving into my life I’ve never done anything to portray myself as a racist towards any racial community.

Shoots By Russ

A message from Russell

Ultimately I wanted to show people how media can slander and create rumors about someone based on small truths and stories. I’ve worked with Russell and known him for a while now and I’ve never gotten a racist vibe. I do not agree with his usage of the “N” word but I believe we have bigger fish to fry currently than to worry about this. Russell is doing great things on campus. He’s leading and living. For inquiries contact him below.

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