Stephanie Laird is sexy, determined, and authentic! From modeling to teaching, she does it all.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Stephanie Laird doesn’t have the fairytale story. She definitely has the drive and dedication to reach great heights though! At the age of 2, Laird was put into foster care and adopted at 5 years old. Although she was adopted, she grew up with her biological siblings. Stephanie is one of 11 sisters and has 4 brothers between both her adopted and biological families. Her adopted father, Jerry Laird, died from cancer when she was 9 and then her adopted mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 15. Her name is Christine Laird and she survived and has been in remission for the past 5 years by the grace of God. Laird has pushed through many trials and tribulations but never lost hope! She epitomizes the great quote, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

She graduated from Rufus King High School and attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee immediately after high school. She is now a support teacher at St. Marcus Lutheran School.

Laird aspires to one day get signed to a major modeling agency. She is also in school to become an Adoption Counselor, which is someone who assists people who biologically can’t have children adopt them. If those plans don’t work, Laird informed us that she aspires to be a teacher.

Reading her aspirations and occupations had me puzzled. I wondered why she has so many and why modeling isn’t her forefront. She definitely has no limits! Laird got into modeling at the age of 13.

I don’t call myself a model because I’m not signed yet lol. At thirteen I participated in a pageant and made the top 10 out of 900. After that, I attended two modeling schools; Barbizon Modeling School and John Casablancas. After I finished modeling school, photographers, makeup artists and designers discovered me via Instagram and I have been working ever since.

Stephanie Laird’s story is definitely one to remember and DopeOrNope supports her to the fullest! We believe she can and will be great! To contact her for booking or other inquiries contact her via social media.

Facebook:  Stephanie Laird

Instagram: TheBlackBlanca

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