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Milwaukee’s rap scene has been overflowing with talent and new artists. Just when you thought you had enough, here comes another. SwauveG, a 19 year old artist and entrepreneur, released a single from his debut tape MilwaukeeStories2. Prayers is rumored to be the intro to his tape. It’s ambience filled beat provides a spacey, yet urban feel. The track was producd by JonrahBeatz, now known as Maajei Vu. SwauveG and Vu teamed up consistently for over two years before they both broke off into new lanes and endeavors. The projects they created still remain unheard and anticipated. Prayers is one of them. SwauveG starts off the track,

“Runnin’ in circles I aint got my mind on track yet

I’m working on a tracklist, I aint even got no tracks yet

I wanna follow my dreams, I wanna become an actor

I love to live out them scenes, but I wanna become a rapper

All of these different factors that keep me sitting here idle,

Then I think about my idols, and all of their different titles

I could be an entrepreneur…Grind 2 dreams

But see I wanna be an explorer and find new things…Damn”

These personal bars allow a look into the complicated and backwards, but ambitious life of SwauveG. The song highlights daily frustrations and is very relatable. Definitely a Dope from us. You can stream it below. What do you all think? Dope…or Nope?

SwauveG – Prayers [Prod. Maajei Vu]


Is this Dope or Nope?
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Steven Bradford
Steven Bradford
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