Three’s The Charm With Young Nudy’s Slimeball 3

Young Nudy’s back on the scene with Slimeball 3 and it’s sounding like the lucky number 3! We could never take away from Nudy’s raw delivery and slimy flows, but this time around he really nailed the mood and vibe. Nudy did this with the help of Pierre Bourne. They make a great team.

Nudy’s work always seem rebellious, mischievous, and nonetheless free spirited. We first embraced Nudy with his Nudy Land. Deep in Atlanta, Nudy got us through the thick traffic and passed time unknowingly. It seemed as if he said whatever came to mind, but it worked. He really does a good job with that ATL popping vibe. 

Slimeball 3 comes in heavy hitting with more melodies than we expected, great production as usual, and more slime than before! Our favorite song is currently Middle Fingers. Check out Slimeball 3below!

Is this Dope or Nope?
  • Dope 
  • Nope 

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