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Creating a music scene in Milwaukee is the goal, which is currently underway. The scene is created and sustained by artists such as muralists, sculptors, writers, designers, poets, musicians, photographers, videographers, filmmakers, dancers, models, musical engineers, painters, play writers, influencers, creatives and more.

Arguably, writers, videographers and photographers are foundational to sustaining the scene as they visually carry the narrative of artists like poets, rappers, and authors of best sellers who help establish the scene. In Milwaukee, there are key players creating the ‘scene’ to see. The purpose of this article is to formally introduce Tyree Pope III as an influencer, videographer, and content creator of the ‘scene’. 

Who is Tyree Pope, what’s the motive?

Tyree Pope is the owner of Pope Enterprises, a student, son, most importantly, videographer aiming to grow Milwaukee music artist scene. The motive of Pope 3 Enterprises is to create content. “I don’t like to say I am a photographer or videographer, I just like to put out whatever content or ideas I want to. Milwaukee has the talent, we can easily be like Atlanta, supporting our own and making them known”.

Pope has been diligently working on the goal of people taking Milwaukee music scene seriously. He has produced over 50 videos this year alone showcasing Milwaukee’s musical talent. The most notable achievement is the ‘Kickin’ it with Tyree’ interviews. These interviews have successfully brought notoriety to the scene and Milwaukee artists endeavors. Often people do not know of the various sounds coming from the Mil, however, with interviews one can get to the know the artists as well as familiarize themselves with their music. At first, the interviews were skits. The first kickin’ it episode is below.

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