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Then the interview with PaperStacks solidified the new way to ‘Kick it with Tyree’. Notice the progression in interviewing.

How do you come up with content and concepts?

‘Kickin’ it with Tyree’ is Tyree Pope interviewing various creatives and artists from Milwaukee and the surrounding area. What makes it cool is the authenticity portrayed in the videos, uniqueness each artist exhibits, and the production. The idea ‘Kickin’ it with Tyree’ came about while in class, and Tyree initially wrote down some artists he knew and the idea grew from there. ‘Kickin’ it with Tyree’ has been in production for about a year. Currently, there are 31  ‘kickin’ it’ interviews available, which speaks to the great idea of showcasing Milwaukee through each artist. “I just want to highlight Milwaukee music”. Pope effectively introduces artist through his visuals by putting a face to the sounds buzzing through the city. Some of the most notable interviews according to Pope are:

Larry Bull, WillTheGlide, Slowlife Tito, and Genesis Renji.

“If someone sends me their music and I vibe with them then I will be more willing to do an interview with them”. Pope has had the privilege of exclusively interviewing some of Milwaukee’s most known artists

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