Tyree Pope III- The Content Creator UT 24 Kicked it With Tyree

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The cypher idea arose as Tyree and his team (Justin Gordon and Keynen Butler) decided to introduce Milwaukee artists through visuals by proposing each artist spit a rap. “Like with the cypher, I didn’t want anyone to know what it was. I wanted no extra footage. I just wanted to drop the videos cold so there would be no bias when viewing them”. Each visual acts as a platform to push local music and introduce them to the public. The cypher (below) captured each artist individual sound as well as highlighted the producers in the music scene such as LeanBeatz, Trog, and Main.Key

Recently Pope dropped a women cypher showcasing the female rappers in the city. The cypher featured Auti MarieMudy and Shymaria and highlighted the lyrism and passion each woman possess.

The idea too good to stop at this point.

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