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What’s your perspective of what the scene needs?

“We need a lot of collaboration to make the scene pop more. I tried to get more Northside Indy rap, add more balance to the scene.” There is more than enough content, UT produced a list of over 150 artists from Milwaukee to make that point known. From my perspective the music stakeholders in the city like V. 100 or 88.9 are is pushing a certain look. “We as a collective, the visual artists, videographers… need to work collectively to push the scene”. Pope makes a great point. If we compare Milwaukee to Detroit, Detroit radio and other musical outlets within Detroit push nearly every artist’s music regardless of the sound because they want the entire Detroit music scene to grow. Once Milwaukee established a unified scene each artist can gain the notoriety it deserves. The music scene needs unbiased connectors, people who are consuming art for the sake of artistic means, to push the creative expression only found in Milwaukee. Pope and his team are helping to solidify the foundation so the music scene is recognized nationally and internationally. 

Name your top artists right now

Ammorelle, Genesis Renji, Nile, and IshDarr, which is pretty representative of the lasting sounds from the city as well as  Webster XMo’City, Lil’ Chicken and others. 

Tyree Pope’s next major moves are to create more narrated content, short films, even a comic book. The tagline for Pope is, “Tyree Pope, the Milwaukee advocate”. Pope is filling a need by providing an avenue to create notoriety for each artist. “If I believe in your music, your passion, I will push it, I push you, you push me”. Tyree is well on his way to becoming a director of the scene because of his openness to new sounds and love for music. 

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