#UTLIZETIME BTS Leggings Photoshoot with Micah Little

Our latest fashion wave has been our poly-span #UT24 Leggings! Ladies stressed the features they wanted to see in a perfect pair of leggings and we took our time with the release.

With these UT24 Leggings we focused on durability and comfort. We chose 5 lovely ladies to show you how comfortable they truly are.

Meet the women

Bria Smith

A student, dancer, loctician, and sytlist with goals to enter the the healthcare field as a Physical Therapist.

Raven Graves

A strong minded, aspiring entrepreneur,  and student with the goal of owning a Veteran’s rehabilitation center.

Mia Gates

An Alpha woman and full-ride scholarship recipient aspiring to own a private practice as a Neurosurgeon.

Jazmine Kirksey

A multifaceted entrepreneur specializing in modeling, dancing, and fitness. while promoting confidence and self love for women.

Kaila McAlister

A model and scholar looking to break into the medical field.

Now that you know a tad bit about the ladies, check our BTS footage from the shoot.

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