WAKE YOUR A** UP IF YOU BEEN SLEEP ON KAMAIYAH! Oakland, Supreme, Trees & Vibes

First off, let me just give you all three quick reasons why you’ve been sleep on Kamaiyah and why you should keep reading!

1. YG stamped her!

2. She has a song with Drake!

3. She’s from Oakland!

If that isn’t enough, Kamaiyah has been leveling up in a multitude of ways! Her production, her sound, and her visuals have all took flight!

Let’s take it back a year! 2016 brought us “How Does It Feel”! This song set the mood for all of our summer kickbacks on campus in Whitewater, WI! Long Live my brother Dante, he would get everyone in the party talking and enjoying themselves when this came on! Numbers don’t lie either, 14M’s speaks volumes on any platform!

If we fast forward a bit, the Oakland emcee is bringing that 90’s bounce back! Before I wrote this I was going crazy to her new jawns! She’s really providing the vibes and mood you want to be in! If you cant get right to this type of music, your idea of good living and good feeling may need to loosen up! How does it feel to just live?

Let’s just say, this visual is utterly AMAZING! We got so many gems from Cali that I felt like it was my Saturday night in Oakland at the Kamaiyah show! Now speaking on the threads on everyone, some serious sauce going on! This is the 90’s reloaded! It’s a beautiful sight to see with some great sounds behind the vision! Big Ups to Damien Sandoval on the film!

You can feel the vibrations through her music! I love an artist can make me feel exactly what they’re on! These are good vibes! You can’t front on her, she’ll make anyone feel the “playa” in themselves!

Last but not least, here’s the last piece to the puzzle of feel good! If you’ve ever wanted anything in life…Kamaiyah will get you focused on the goal and missing the bullsh*t! “Everybody got dreams, some just aiming too low!”



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