Why We Chose Gunna Over Lil Baby On Drip Harder!

Let’s set the record straight off the top, Lil baby definitely Drips severe! We are not discrediting Baby, but we do vibe with Gunna a little more on this tape! We first heard of Baby with My Dawg but slept on him as we thought he was just another new age rapper. As we heard him quickly progress, we then woke up and got hip to all of his other content. We first heard of Gunna with Phase, and instantly fell in love with almost every other piece of content he had up to date. Although the two are highly responsible for a lot of the new age, Post Thug waves…they take a slightly different approach to music. 

Lil Baby provides the “Poppin that shit” feel of Atlanta, but Gunna Gunna slithers in and provides the slime! Together they create a drip so hard you might drown!

Gunna’s performance on Drip Harder gave us a DS2 vibe, with the beat selection and melodies. World is Yours and tracks similar to Underdog give us that underground, out the mud grit we got from Gunna in early days. What we like about him most is his courage to take the tones low and deep. He really lets you hear his voice and what he’s been through!

Baby never fails to have your head bobbing with the sour patch face! He provides the streets and the real n*gga mindset on every track. In the second half of the project starting with Underdog and I Am, Baby started to get more in his bag and let us hear him a bit more. It could just be me, but we got a Lucci feeling from Underdog, and definitely a A-Boogie feeling from Close Friends. The vibes Baby bring are definitely needed on this project but I believe they’re just slightly less impactful than Gunna’s.

All in all the tape is a solid one! It’s not comparable to either of their solo projects but it is worth the development. I think it’s dope the way they switched off on the tracklist. Drip Harder didn’t live up to its anticipation but it is a good project nonetheless. Hopefully the ATL duo can come together to make a gem in the future. 

The features on this were honorable and definitely benefited the project. The intro with Durk and Nav was decent but I wish a feature wasn’t first. You can never go wrong with Drake, he just added another assist. Father Thugga even appears on the project which is always golden! We can’t forget to talk about the men behind the madness! The production is also honorable on this project. Most noticeably featured is Tay Keith, Turbo The Great, Wheezy, Quay Global! The production list goes on and can be found on XXL’s “Drip Harder’s Production List” article!

Our Pick From Gunna: World Is Yours Our Pick From Lil Baby: Close Friends


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